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“Feeling animalistic. Feeling Hyena. Feeling Wolf. Feeling Dog. I am tongue and heart.”
— David Wojnarowicz

I paint an imagined universe of homoerotic dog-men who play baseball. They tend to find themselves in awkward, vulnerable situations. These situations tend to be sexual or emotional in nature, from holding hands to fistfights to violent love-making. There's an intimacy in the mannerisms of male athletes, an intimacy that’s often repressed. Turning them into dogs breaks down a barrier to entry and makes them more accessible to intimate love.

The dog boys tend to play the part of a queer id and ego, unrestrained by heteronormative inhibitions. In this other world, they have little restraint and act upon their desires. Sometimes it's to grope and prod and sniff. Sometimes it's to cry, scream, or attack. Their animal characteristics show through. They unabashedly show intense emotion and enact those emotions without apprehension.

My main tool in unifying this world aesthetically so far has been the airbrush. Its an industrial tool that has a history in fan and DIY culture, and presents itself as an ideal tool for shaping my world not only for its precision but its limits as well. The soft focus and delicate touch of the sprayed mark describes intertwining limbs and speckled cast shadows. The speckled mark-making creates a filmic, voyeuristic blur through which the narratives play. Sharp edges rarely exist. This world is soft and fuzzy, like a big fluffy dog.

Lets go Mutts.